The genealogy



The genealogy means the history of the ancestors and the family. It is not just to add simple dates. Most interesting is to look for further informations about their jobs, the situation of the family, the health and their position in the society.  


On this sites I will show you all known ancestors of my children.


You can start with this total list of all names:


 click here>  List of all names  <click here


This list is like this:











ACKELIN, Agnes (21851.15)








ACKELIN, Agnes (5165.13)








ACKELIN, Claus (10330.14)









·       Click the Pers.Nr.   < > an you can see all informations about this person.


·       Click the Fam.-Nr.  << >> and you see the informations of this person, the husband or wife and the children.


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Because of  german laws, the birthdate and other dates of many persons are not mentioned. Many further informations to the ancestors are known, but the space is not enough. Please contact me for further informations.


This sites are produced by a special program. If you are interested, I send you a PDF-date with the list of all ancestors of the person you wish.


Are you interested in genealogy? See the following lists:



 click here>  Männer vom Morgenstern  <only german


 click here>  Die Maus <english too



If you are interested in the story of the family Külken, see here:


 click here>  Feuerwehr Bremerhaven <only german